6 months old - 1 yr. old
30-45 mins/session for 10 or 12 sessions

This is a fun and fulfilling swimming program that aims to make your baby be happily confident in water which will prepare him/her for structured swimming lessons.

You will surely enjoy to witness your baby doing breath-holding, flutter kicking, gliding, and breathing in and out of the water.


6 months old - 1 yr. old 30-45 mins/session for 10 or 12 sessions. It is interesting to note that all of us have been exposed in the water as early as conception in our mothers’ wombs and therefore introduction of infants’  and toddlers’ swimming in their tender ages would not be something new to them.  In fact, based on our experience, children whose ages are 6 months to 2 yrs. old have lesser fear of the water than those who are much older. Exploration of instincts and feelings will play a very important role in introducing infants to formal swimming lessons and would also require the full cooperation of parents and the competence of the coach. In this course, infants/toddlers will be introduced to breath holding, flutter kick, gliding and breathing in and out of the water. * Coach-Student Ratio - 1:2