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6 months old (infants) - 2 yrs. old​

30-45 mins/session for 10 or 12 sessions

It is interesting to note that all of us have been exposed in the water as early as conception in our mothers’ wombs and therefore introduction of infants’ and toddlers’ swimming in their tender ages would not be something new to them.


3 – 4 yrs. old

1 hour/session for 10 or 12 sessions

Unlike in the Turtle course, children of these ages can already communicate in words, signs, body language, etc. and have developed certain motor skills needed to learn breath holding, bubbling, streamlining, flutter kick starfish float, jelly fish float and treading.


5 yrs old and above​

1 hour/session for 10 or 12 sessions

Students of this course have mostly been exposed in swimming pools or beaches making them at ease with water and therefore ready for formal swimming lessons.


All ages

​1 hour/session for 10 or 12 sessions

This course is for all students who have acquired all the basic swimming skills and are ready to develop their competitive skills.


18 – 65 yrs. old

​1 hour/session for 10 or 12 sessions

Adults generally have been exposed to water and somehow have acquired certain skills that can be used as a starting point in preparation to a formal swimming program.